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Sirius Renewable Energy

Providing low cost, low carbon, renewable energy to business and the national grid

Sirius Renewable Energy

Our fleet of wind turbines currently provide over 10 million kW of low carbon energy to business and consumers helping them to control costs and addressing the causes of climate change

Ground Mounted Solar Farms

Sirius has delivered some 47 mW of ground mounted solar projects in conjunction with our partners SBC Renewables (Condover Solar Farm Shropshire)

Fully Funded Project Lifecycle

From planning through design, to delivery..........

Fully Funded Project Lifecycle

Fully Funded Project Lifecycle


Fully Funded Project Lifecycle


Fully Funded Project Lifecycle

.........commissioning......(Bennett Bank Wind Turbine, Cumbria)

Fully Funded Project Lifecycle

........operation (Alfreton Wind Turbine, Derbyshire)

Specialist Landfill and Brownfield installation solutions

Stormy West Landfill Site Solar Farm (South Wales)

Solar Energy

Cotgrave Solar Farm (Nottinghamshire)

Our Energy Business providing power to our clients whilst tackling climate change

Sirius Energy is developing an expanding portfolio of low carbon energy projects throughout the UK.

Specialising in wind and solar energy developments on brownfield and previously developed land, the combined expertise of the overall Sirius Group has created a unique business which develops, funds owns and operates wind turbines and solar farms, supplying low cost, green energy direct to business consumers via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

How can Sirius Energy help your business?

Sirius fully fund planning, construction and grid connection works at no risk or cost to the customer.

Once commissioned we supply energy to our customers at a discounted rate when compared to the price of importing electricity from the grid.

The main benefits to your business will be cost reduction, pricing certainty through long term index linked contracts, and de-carbonising your energy supply. All these factors can contribute significantly to improvements in competitiveness of your business and energy security of your operation.

How does it work?

The contractual relationship between Sirius and the customer will be through the PPA and in some cases a lease of land on which the wind turbine or solar farm is located.

The power is supplied into the customer’s electricity switchboard via a private wire connection, which by-passes regular grid transmission losses and costs.

During times when the customer’s premises is consuming power, electricity generated by the wind turbine is fed directly into the facility. Any additional power is supplied, as required, from the grid. If the facility is not operating (e.g. holiday shutdown) the wind energy is exported into the local supply network.

Savings are realised by the customer through avoiding the cost of electricity transmission charges associated with energy supply via the grid network.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can offer a cost effective electricity supply for large industrial users.

Wind energy is produced both day and night and can support 24/7 operations most effectively. Supported by battery storage technology, both wind and solar can provide the perfect solution to optimising supply and demand profiles.

Wind and solar are ‘Green’ renewable energy sources that allows corporations to strengthen their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy and also aligns an organisation with the COP21 (Climate Change Summit) resolution (Paris 2015).

If you are interested in reducing your energy costs, and meeting your power demands from renewable sources, please contact our energy development team on Leeds (0113) 264 9960, or via any of our UK offices

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Our Sectors

Sirius provides a full range of development services to our clients across several industry sectors.

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