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This 900kw EWT DW52 (50m tower) was installed at the Kingspans insulated panel manufacturing facility, Holywell, North Wales in August 2018.


Sirius Renewable Energy own and operate this turbine and are supplying Kingspan with renewable energy under a long term corporate PPA over the lifetime of the project. The turbine will help reduce manufacturing plants overheads, and provide long term security against rising electricity prices, helping the business to remain competitive.


It is expected that 90% of the power from the wind turbine will be consumed on-site which will contribute to meeting Kingspans  pledge to be a Net Zero Energy company by 2020, and its commitment to maximising renewable energy sources for sustainable business continuity and growth.


Delivery of this project was an excellent example of team-work and project planning with EWT, Sirius and Kingspan co-operating on all aspects of the installation to ensure that the project could be delivered at a very busy production facility without adversely affecting factory operations.


Planning permission was obtained by Sirius Planning following assessments to ensure the turbine was not visible to radar at local airports. Sirius Environmental were designers for the project and Sirius Remediation delivered the Balance of Plant contract.


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