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Sirius Civils

Building first phase roads and sewers and enabling civils works for your development.

Sirius – civil engineers and enabling works specialists

Our enabling works specialists and civil engineers have the capacity and capability to deliver an exceptional range of services to our valued clients. We understand that early access to your development site is key to achieving your required returns on capital employed (ROCE). Our technical team’s unique ability to recognise and solve complex challenges at the outset gives you the peace of mind to take your project forward.

We minimise risk, and maximise opportunities, ensuring you have all the support and assistance you need from one reliable and trusted supplier. In recent years Sirius has invested heavily in developing and expanding its in-house services to allow us to deliver complete enabling packages on selected sites for our developer clients, incorporating the following…

  • Demolition, earthworks and site remediation
  • First stage roads & sewers
  • Primary retaining walls
  • Ground improvement
  • Key service diversions
  • Design & build packages

How can our civil engineers help you?

Our aim is to design, construct and hand-over fully engineered and enabled development platforms to our clients, ready for your follow-on build project.

This uniquely integrated service gives crucial advantages to developers including:

  • Earliest possible access to build phases
  • Removal of costly interfaces between earthworks and civil engineering phases (one point of responsibility)
  • Optimum utilisation of re-cycled products into the civil engineering phase
  • Management of total earthworks balance into the civil engineering phase (minimising any requirement for costly disposal or import of soils)

Sirius applies a technically-led approach where site levels and civils design are all integrated to ensure the most efficient site balance is achieved. Management of surplus soils, usage of quality re-cycled aggregates and achievement of the desired foundation solution for the site are combined through detailed design and planning to the optimum effect.

Where designs are already in place, we’re able to carry out a full value engineering appraisal where appropriate to help achieve:

  • Further economies
  • Programme savings
  • Effective management of risks

Enhanced civil engineering programmes

We can help at the earliest stage of your project viability assessment.  Our in-house design team can review initial site constraints and prepare schematic designs that consider the wider reclamation and remediation concepts.

The early technical involvement of our civil engineers and enabling works specialists – linked with solid and reliable budget advice – is often proven to be crucial in assessing project viability and ensuring whole project success.

Retaining wall specialists and earthwork solutions

Sirius’ specialism and track record of designing and constructing primary retaining walls as part of wider enabling packages is well established and unparalleled across the market-place.

We don’t promote a particular retaining wall type over any others as we know that each site is unique and requires careful selection of retaining wall types based on:

  • Ground conditions
  • Site earthworks balance
  • Available suitable aggregates
  • Visual preferences
  • Planning stipulations

We work with our clients to produce an engineered solution which works best for you. Examples include:

  • Gabion retaining walls
  • Reinforced earth (block faced or green slope options)
  • Timber crib/eco crib solutions
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Soil nailing
  • Sheet piling

Our civil engineers, remediation, retaining wall and enabling works specialists are renowned for their innovative and in-depth approach – so if you’re ready to progress your project and realise the most efficient outcomes possible, please contact us on, or via any of our UK offices.

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