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Sirius Vibro

Specialist ground improvement works.

Our vibro services and solutions are your foundation for success

Sirius offers uniquely integrated and sustainable remediation and ground improvement services for suitable developments and ground conditions, bringing the potential for major cost and time savings, as well as simplifying the construction of foundations.

Having witnessed at first hand for many years how developers, engineers and contractors have experienced technical, contracting and liability difficulties when attempting to apply vibro ground improvement services to new development schemes, Sirius have developed an in-house solution to deliver a solution that really delivers on all fronts.

How can our ground improvement services help?

Our vibro services ensure that all necessary geotechnical design parameters are achieved during the remediation and ground engineering phase, facilitating successful vibro ground improvement where ground conditions permit.

This allows for the optimum use of more straightforward low-cost foundation solutions to be applied in the development of new housing – particularly on brownfield sites.

We design and install the necessary granular working platforms (pile mats) using site-won aggregates wherever possible. Using our recycling experts, we’re able to utilise suitable concrete products recovered from the demolition and remediation phases to produce high-quality, graded vibro stone aggregates for both top-feed and bottom-feed applications.

Sirius offers a fixed-price per plot service to design, install and validate our vibro services and solutions and we guarantee NHBC acceptance of the installed schemes, all backed by comprehensive warranties.

Vibro ground improvement and associated services

Our teams of geotechnical experts assess the potential suitability for vibro foundations at initial site investigation stage.  During the development of the proposed remediation strategy for the site, we ensure that the earthworks/ground engineering strategy is perfectly aligned with the proposed foundation schedule for the site.

Wherever vibro ground improvement services are selected, we ensure that a detailed geotechnical specification is applied, and validated during the advance earthworks phase to ensure a successful integration of the vibro installation solution.

Vibro ground improvement provides many advantages to developers, particularly on brownfield sites, such as:

  • Foundation construction depths become more standardised and minimised allowing for an efficient, safe and repetitive groundworks process
  • Excavation arisings are minimised avoiding costly disposal charges
  • The site becomes more sustainable with the reuse of site-won materials

Following our initial, thorough technical assessment, we’ll design and deliver an effective scheme which provides certainty of cost and enhances the value of your development.

The ground improvement services and techniques we offer include:

  • Vibro Stone Columns – one of the more frequently used methods for ground improvement and they work well for granular, cohesive and mixed soils, and can bear extensive build loads.
  • Dynamic Compaction – can be economic and used as an alternative to VSC on large sites with extensive partially saturated deep variable fill.
  • Pre-loading/ Surcharging – used to treat weak and compressible soils and/ or uncompacted fills with large air voids.
  • Vertical Drains/ Band Drains – linked to surcharging, consolidation of saturated compressible soils can take time, so vertical drains are installed to increase the rate of consolidation settlement by decreasing the flow path and allowing the quick and effective dissipation of excess pore water pressure.

Sirius’ team of technical experts work extensively with our clients to select the most appropriate and deliverable bespoke foundation solution for each development site, taking into account all commercial, technical, programme and earthworks balance considerations.

Our vibro services and ground improvement services to provide, quite literally, a firm foundation for your development – we’re always happy to offer further information and advice, so please contact us on or via any of our UK offices

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