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The Star Machine

Sirius Remediation Ltd is proud to operate sophisticated soil processing equipment which is capable of stabilising soils for geotechnical improvement or the solidification / stabilisation of chemical contaminants. This standalone unit using cost effective processes has successfully treated over 120,000 tonnes of soils, enabling redevelopment of a variety of sites in timely manner.




Processing Technology

The Star machine processes materials by intensively mixing binders with them. The addition of binders is computer controlled allowing precise quantities to be added and ensure a consistent product is generated. After discharge the materials are normally left to cure for a short period before placement but in the certain cases of simple geotechnical improvement it is possible to place them at the point of use immediately. This machine is the only one in use in the western hemisphere and is capable of processing up to 60m3 per hour

Sirius has a highly trained team of operators who can deploy the package swiftly and effectively ensuring a fast turnaround from untreated soils to processed materials ready for installation.


The key to the successful deployment of this technology is the careful choice of the binder materials. Sirius has a wide experience in the selection of these and has developed testing regimes that can be used to verify and validate their efficacy prior to use on site. This is of course particularly important when seeking regulatory approval for using such a technique for chemical contaminant stabilisation. Sirius has successfully treated over 30,000m3 of soils contaminated with organic tars and a wide range of inorganic chemicals to the full satisfaction of the Environment agency and Local Authorities.

Geotechnical stabilisation is normally achieved using cements or lime. The compact nature of the Star machine combined with its mixing technology and high throughput enables it to process large quantities of material without affecting other site operations. It is also able to operate in weather conditions which would render traditional techniques impossible.

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