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Former Gasworks

An ex gas works site was successfully remediated by Sirius to standards acceptable for commercial redevelopment using their propriety soil stabilisation and solidification technology. The deployment of this equipment together with robust application of risk assessments ensured that minimal materials had to leave site and that earlier redevelopment structures could be retained.



Project Description

This site had at one time been a gas works but had been redeveloped into commercial premises. Unfortunately the original remediation had not tackled all of the contamination which comprised typical gas works contaminants including complex cyanides and organic tars. A further redevelopment of the site was envisaged but could not take place until the site had been further remediated to currently acceptable standards for commercial property. This second round of remediation works was complicated by a desire to retain many of the earlier redevelopment structures.

Sirius developed a conceptual model and remediation strategy which would enable these twin desires to be met. This included the application of Sirius’ Soil Stabilisation and Solidification capability which enabled the remaining contaminated soils to be treated and reused on the site.  The stabilisation technology was carried out ex situ using the MUST equipment, a forerunner to the current more sophisticated Sirius STAR machine. The excavation of two below ground gas holder bases to treat the tar contaminated soils within them was a key element in this programme. In addition to the soil stabilisation equipment Sirius successfully deployed its water treatment plant to ensure contaminated groundwater could be managed on site.

The final stage of this project for Sirius was the successful implementation of a robust verification/validation plan developed during the detailed design phase which confirmed the acceptability of the site for its envisaged further development.


The application of soils stabilisation and solidification technology, alongside detailed quantitative risk assessment, enabled Sirius to retain the maximum amount of material on-site and effectively manage both the short term project risk and long term potential environmental risks for vendor and purchaser.

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