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Bury Road

This gasworks site located in a residential area was successfully remediated using the Sirius Soil Stabilisation and Solidification Technology. The application of this technology was based on detailed quantitative risk assessment to derive remedial targets and thorough process design ensured substantial cost savings and programme reduction, whilst minimising environmental impact of the works.

Client Name: National Grid plc




Project Description

This project was awarded after a competitive mini-tender process as a Design and Build remediation project. Elements of this project delivered by Sirius included additional ground investigation, risk assessment, remediation design, regulatory and planning liaison services, together with the implementation and validation of the agreed remedial strategy.

During the implementation phase, a number of further challenges arose, including contamination associated with a neighbouring residential property and the discovery of archaeological remains including burials. Both of these were sensitively and successfully dealt with.

The remediation technique used was the Sirius Soil Stabilisation and Solidification Technology, which enabled all of the contaminated materials to be treated and reused on site. This, of course, substantially reduced the number of vehicle movements, which was of great benefit within this residential area of a quiet market town. The treatment was carried out ex-situ using a soil mixer , the forerunner of our current, more sophisticated STAR equipment.

On completion of the site works, Sirius successfully validated the works and achieved regulatory “sign off”.


The use of the Sirius ex-situ soils treatment technology, provided a soils stabilisation & solidification solution which:

  • negated the need for disposal of any soils;
  • provided significant cost and programme savings; and,
  • lowered the environmental impact of the remediation works.

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