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Working within Covid19 Restrictions

Date: May/19/2020

The Sirius Team are working hard to deal with the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid19 outbreak.


So far we have implemented the following measures:

• We are following government advice and recommendations.

• All staff who are able to work from home have been equipped to do so.

• We are asking that all non-essential meetings are carried out via conferencing/video facilities.

• We have implemented cloud-based operating systems to ensure that our business can continue to operate seemlessly and all staff are able to log in and work as normal.


Sirius are committed to offering a high quality service throughout these difficult times and are trying to continue business as usual wherever possible.


For our offices and on sites we are working with The Hierarchy of Control for Risk Assessment using the well-known acronym ERICPD:

• Eliminate The Risk – Working From Home if it is possible to do so

• Reduce the risk – travelling alone, working alone where possible

• Isolate the risk – Maintain social distancing of all individuals where it is possible

• Control the risk – Introduce control measures such as additional cleaning, hand wash stations, sanitiser, anti-bacterial spray in plant and machinery, induction and additional training on Covid-19, and extra signage

• PPE – As a last resort, disposable gloves, masks, light eye protection overalls, face masks

• Discipline – Ensure our managers monitor and enforce the new Sirius Safe Working Procedure


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