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Teesside given the STAR Treatment

Date: January/3/2017

Sirius are currently remediating significant hydrocarbon contamination on a site in Teesport using our Soil Treatment And Recycling (STAR) System. The site is going to be the home of the £900 million Tees Renewable Energy Plant (Tees REP). The Tees REP is a 299MWe biomass combined heat and power plant which will be the world’s largest new-build biomass plant.


The contamination being remediated is a heavy fuel oil which had leaked from a former tank storage facility previously situated on the site.  The oil had contaminated the made ground primarily a steel slag including much cobbles and boulders.  Previous investigations had identified several source areas which have been targeted for excavation and transfer to Sirius’ Mobile Plant facility located within the site.  Sirius’ facility comprises a pre-treatment crushing and screening of slag followed by Solidification/Stabilisation treatment using the STAR System.

Sirius were involved at an early stage, revising the existing Remedial Options Appraisal and adapting the existing Remediation Strategy, calculating Remedial Target values and carrying our treatability work to demonstrate the Solidification/Stabilisation was effective in treating the identified contamination.  The works commenced following receipt of prompt regulatory approval and deployment of Sirius’ Environmental Permit for mobile Plant.  The works are progressing extremely well, are on programme and budget.

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