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Environmental permitting for Biffa Waste Services

Date: January/16/2016

Asbestos management is one of our specialities, and we were entrusted with an task by our clients, Biffa Waste Services, to help them extend their authorisation for asbestos waste containment.

The site in question is the client’s Trecatti landfill facility near Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, and they were keen to secure an Environmental Permit Variation – which we’re pleased to announce we were able to obtain on their behalf.


Permitting specifics

The permit variation sought to reintroduce conditions that were present within the original permit, namely the authorisation to deposit asbestos-containing wastes within a dedicated asbestos monocell.

The facility already had an existing waste pre-acceptance and acceptance procedure, for which we managed to gain an extension. This now allows them to accommodate for the acceptance of up to 50,000 tonnes per annum of asbestos-containing waste materials at the landfill installation.


The asbestos monocell is now being developed so that Biffa Waste Services can accept this specialist waste stream. The monocell will cover an area which has an existing side-wall liner system for the engineered containment of the materials. Managed separation from adjacent wastes will be achieved via the construction of a vertical bund, consisting of inert waste soils.

Another successful project and we’re delighted with the outcome we secured for our clients.

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