Design and Advisory > Environmental Liability Management

Managing liabilities linked to contaminated land and brownfield sites – either in terms of legacy issues or redevelopment is fundamental to the successful delivery of our projects.

Our approach and capabilities are structured to deliver secure long term management of potential liabilities either to enable development or to effectively manage environmental legacies.

We tend to get involved with "Difficult sites" or projects that require effective quantification of risks, appropriate transfer and management of environmental liabilities, so that site owners and developers have visibility of these risks and have confidence that they have the appropriate layers of protection required for a project or programme.

We can provide Environmental Liability Management as a service to our clients because we have an integrated senior team made up of Technical Specialists, Environmental Liability Advisors, Remediation Contractors and Designers all with over 20 years experience in delivering these services.

When combined with our contracting capability and access to innovative deal structures, including insurance backing, we provide a unique ability to assess, manage and where appropriate accept or transfer liabilities for clients.